Ready to hear
how it all started?

Well, is more about reading, but we have so much
to tell you about how our voice started to sound,
that you'll almost be able to hear it.


First steps as an Automation

And suddenly… boom! Astroline was borned. A completely different telecommunications business with an specialty: the Asterisk PBX automation with data bases, CRM, ERPs tools and WebServices. 


VoIP Evolution

After a couple of years, here comes the revolution. 


We made a lot of changes at Astroline. 
We change from traditional lines to VoIP lines, and apart from that, we changed our carrier, transferring our traffic from Adamo to LCR, of whom, by the way, we became the number one distributor. 


And that’s how we became a LCR’s true reseller. 


Reinventing ourselves: we are a Fixed Carrier

Our voice was getting louder and louder. That’s why we wanted to grow, not only with our experience in automation, but becoming one of the 35 fixed carriers regulated by the CNMC.


Suddenly, Astroline was the baseline integrating operator, and also was able to offer fiber and mobile telephony services. 


Taking the leap to Global Telco

The challenge was clear: we wanted to provicde international numbering an traffic services to all our clients, to help them scale their business in an international level. 


How did we do it? By installing POPs through key locations and interconnections with local carriers in more than 85 countries. 


What did this movement meant? Unclogging many operations of software developers such as Talkdesk, Genesys or Zendesk, among others. 


New strategic alliances

Our capability as a carrier to solve main voices channel issues has taken us away. 
Above all, by doing so for the main software providers such as Contact Center, Call Center and Helpdesk. 


That’s why in 2020 we became partners of big companies such as Talkdesk, Zendesk and Microsoft, among others. 


We were unstoppable. 

What do we do now?

We work to become the
baseline integrating operator

We keep writing our history based on new challenges. 


We’re constantly committed to innovation, always putting our clients at the center What makes us different today is the way we think about them when it comes to our work. 


We manage customized solutions so that each business can control its voice in the way that best fits its needs. 


And, at the same time, we guarantee that it will go wherever they want it to go because of our national and international solutions.