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Find out how bauhaus was able to unify its communications and improve its customer service by integrating its in-store telephony with Talkdesk and Zendesk.


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Meet Bauhaus

Its reality: unified and simple communication

After more than 60 years of experience, presence in 19 countries and more than 270 shops throughout Europe, Bauhaus has become one of the most important companies in the DIY sector on the European continent.


The key to Bauhaus‘ success has always been its ability to provide a personalised service that meets the needs of its customers.


To that, it has an omnichannel experience that spans from its physical shops to its online shop, including telephone customer service and a Click&Collect service.


When it came to communicating with its customers, Zendesk was its trusted tool. With it, their Customer Success team was able to stay fully connected to their customers’ needs and provide them with the best solution at all times.


🚀 But they wanted to go one step further…

Meet Bauhaus

Its need: agile communications with your shops

Bauhaus has always placed the agility and scalability of its processes at the centre of its strategy, so with more than 11 physical shops, its e-commerce in Spain, and more than 1,500 employees, it needed an agile and decisive telecommunications provider with experience in the field of integration.


They were looking for a technology partner that could manage the entire infrastructure of their local shops, as well as integrate with their Contact Centre tool and ticketing software.


In this way, the day-to-day operations of their pull agents would be much easier, and their customers’ experience would be taken to a whole new level.


And luckily, they came across Astroline. 😉

Meet Bauhaus

Its solution: integrated Telco Infrastructure

As soon as Bauhaus explained to us what their needs were, we knew that, working together, we would be able to integrate all their tools with the infrastructure of their shops to improve the efficiency of their entire team.


We got down to work and, as an integrator operator, we took charge of managing the telephony in their shops and feeding their Contact Centre tool, Talkdesk, which in turn would synchronise call events with Zendesk, unifying every interaction with customers.


What did we achieve? Simplify all their operations and reduce the response times of their centres, significantly improving the quality of their services.

Xavi Ruiz Bauhaus
Astroline has been a key player within integrating the entire telephone infrastructure of our shops with our Contact Centre, Talkdesk, allowing us to significantly improve our customer service.

Xavier Ruiz, Digital & Ecommerce Manager


Meet Bauhaus

Its result: much more efficient communications

What was once a huge challenge for the whole team is now a reality.


We currently manage the infrastructure of all Bauhaus shops, and above all, we are a key player in terms of making possible the total integration between the activity carried out by the agents, with their different customer management tools.


The solution designed for Bauhaus and the service we offer is a key aspect for the German giant to achieve a more efficient communication with each of its customers.


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