inmho and Astroline: a voice with ownership

Find out how one of the world's leading property management companies has taken advantage of Microsoft Teams Phone System solution.


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Meet inmho

Starting point: an entry-level use of Phone System

After more than 60 years of experience and 300,000 satisfied homes, inmho has become one of the most important property administrations and management companies in Spain.


Their ability to adapt to the current environment through digitalization has allowed inmho to reach more homes, acquire more clients and obtain better results.


They had Microsoft Teams as his trusted tool for all its communications. With it, his team was able to stay more connected than ever, while communicating with his customers and partners.


But something was missing…

Thanks to Astroline we have been able to integrate our telephony in Microsoft Teams, and extract all the data to our analytics tool, Power BI, being able to build advanced dashboards.

Álvaro Navarro PallaresCIO


Meet inmho

Their need: take full advantage of Teams voice solution

inmho was satisfied with Microsoft Teams, but needed more time to make the telephony settings in his favorite tool.


They also needed to acquire the more knowledge to get the most out of it and to obtain as much as information about his team’s activity.


And… that’s why inmho came to us.

Meet inmho

Their solution: fully unified communications 👌🏻

As soon as inmho contacted us, we listened to their needs and we couldn’t stop coming up with lots of ideas…We would integrate all telephony into their Microsoft Teams, we would set up an advanced analytics module, we would implement real-time monitoring of user status and… much more!


It was, without a doubt, the perfect client to fill the most versatile tool of the moment with solutions. That’s why we also gave them full access via API to transfer their data to POWER BI and provide dashboards for the management team.


All of this, while focusing on the great human team behind this technology.

We receive almost 2,000 calls a day and thanks to the solution that Astroline has integrated us, our service rate has been above 90%

Álvaro Navarro Pallares, CIO


Meet inmho

Their result: a connected community everywhere

A powerful tool leads to powerful results.


But that was not the best part: the satisfaction inmho showed at the end of the process and his desire to continue trusting Astroline, was the key to putting the golden brooch on a project on which, we are still working in. 


Microsoft Teams users with integrated telephony


enabled capacity channels

Power Bi

API integration of all team activity with Power BI, and building data dashboards for the management team