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One of the most important things in your routine is to keep the contact with your team, clients and providers.
Do it now with the best mobile rates.

Mobile for Professionals

Your business, more connected than ever

Choose from three plans full of benefits.


Unlimited calls.

20GB Data

No permanence


per month (IVA excluded)
3.000 minutes
to national landlines and mobile phones.


Unlimited calls.
40GB Data
·No permanence


per month (IVA excluded)
3.000 minutes
to national landlines and mobile phones.


Unlimited calls

60GB Data

No permanence


per month (IVA excluded)
6.000 minutes
to national landlines and mobile phones.


Keep your team together

Make the most of your business calls.

Short Numbers

Create a group between your business landlines and mobiles. The result? Unlimited calls.

Dual SIM

Take a second SIM to use another device on the same main line rate. It’s that easy.

Fixed IP

Provide stable and secure remote access, such as video monitoring or IoT devices, among others

International bonus

Choose from a 100 minutes bonus.
Or choose your 300 minutes bonus.
*Included destinations

*International destinations

EUROPA: Alemania, Austria, Bélgica, Bulgaria, Chipre, Croacia, Dinamarca, Eslovaquia, Eslovenia, Estonia, Finlandia, Francia, Grecia, Hungría, Irlanda, Italia, Letonia, Lituania, Luxemburgo, Malta, Países Bajos, Polonia, Portugal, Reino Unido, República Checa, Rumanía y Suecia; y además Andorra, Islandia, Liechtenstein, Mónaco, Noruega y Rusia. AMERICA: Estados Unidos, El Salvador, Islas Caimán, Montserrat, Bolivia, Bahamas, Guatemala, Canadá, Panamá, Antillas Neerlandesas, Paraguay, Honduras, Ecuador, México, Colombia, Argentina, Guayana Francesa, Costa Rica, Martinica, República Dominicana, Venezuela, Bermudas, Islas Vírgenes de los Estados unidos y Puerto Rico. AFRICA: Sudan, Zambia, Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania, Namibia, Kenia, Egipto, Islas Mauricio, Sudáfrica, Nigeria, Angola, Malawi, Reunión y Comores Mayotte. ASIA: Kuwait, Kazajistán, Taiwán, Japón, Bahréin, Macao, Uzbekistán, Indonesia, Vietnam, Irán, Laos, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Camboya, Isla de Navidad, Islas Cocos, Malasia, Brunei, Honk Kong, India, China, Tailandia y Singapur.

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In countries belonging to the UE zone, roaming is also necessary. It’s the same rate as the one which is applicated with your line in national territory, with some restrictions that you can check in your rate’s general conditions. Roaming’s service will be necessary in the rest of countries.

If you have any doubt or question, you can check out the detailed configuration manual in this document. See document.

To know all available rates and networks from countries included in Roaming, you can check them in the following document. See document [PDF]

Para conocer las tarifas y las redes disponibles de los países incluidos en Roaming, puede consultarlo en el siguiente documento.Ver documento [PDF]

No. Some terminals don’t automatically detect the network. For this situations, we have a manual. See document. [PDF]
Send an email to
You must dial the following sequence followed by the call key Activate unconditional forwarding: **21*NÚMERO# Disable unconditional forwarding: ##21#.
Yes! We’ll send you a free SMS when you reach 80 % of the contracted capacity. When you have consumed more than 90%, you will receive a second SMS letting you know about the possibility of contracting an additional bonus with which you will be able to continue surfing at maximum speed.
Yes. When you activate the call forwarding service, you’re automating your number to call the forwarding phone. Exactly the same rate will be applied that would result when calling from your mobile to the forwarding line.
Yes, only one change is possible in the current month.

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