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You have a lot to talk about, don't waste time getting out of your favorite tool. Synchronize all your business calls with HubSpot.

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Calls implementation in HubSpot

Automate all your team’s calls into your favorite CRM tool.

Make calls from any connected device

Now you can make your phone calls from our desktop app or our mobile app. 

Advanced call analytics

Boost your company’s sales and customer service by measuring all its activity. 


Turn up the volume. Increase your sales by automate your telephony into Hubspot

A tu herramienta de CRM favorita le falta algo. Encuéntralo en Astroline.
Call recording, routing, IVR… everything you can imagine and more!

Information and contact data for your sales team in just one dashboard  

Analytics of your team’s activity and real-time information.

Do you want everything to happen in your CRM?
We can do it

HubSpot can be more. You can get a complete traceability of your calls, associate them to all your CRM features or perform real-time interactions, among many other functions.
Let your team work without leaving Hubspot and increase your company’s productivity.

Our specialty

CRM experts

We know e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g about Hubspot.
Hubspot CTI Connector
SBC Implementation
DDI numbering ranges
Automated local carriers

Succes Stories

Stories behind the voice

Rakesh Patel

Rakesh Patel

Group IT Manager

Decidimos integrar nuestra telefonía en Teams con Astroline ya que era el paso natural que teníamos que dar para mejorar nuestra operativa y cerrar el círculo de nuestras comunicaciones. 

Antal Logo
Microsoft Teams, Integración
> 1000 empleados
HR y Reclutamiento
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Xavi Ruiz Bauhaus

Xavier Ruiz

Digital Manager

Astroline has been a key player within integrating the entire telephone infrastructure of our shops with our Contact Centre, Talkdesk, allowing us to significantly improve our customer service.

Zendesk, Talkdesk
> 1000 empleados
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Rafael Gozalo


Astroline has accompanied us during our growth, helping us to implement the technology that best suited the business at every stage of its development.

The Power MBA
Microsoft Teams, Global Telco
201 – 500 empleados
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Do it all with Hubspot

Get the most out of the tool you use most every day.
Easy integration

Integrate your business telephony into your CRM in a simple softphone.

API Datos

Access to all the information you need and take it wherever you want.

Contact History

Offer a better customer experience and have easy access to all their information.

Shared contacts
Work easier in your processes and give your team access to all your contacts.
Creation of CRM tasks

Get the most out of your CRM tool and create customized tasks.

Caller ID

Quickly check the customer data of your incoming calls before picking up.

Workflow automation

Create processes that optimize your team’s productivity and day-to-day operations.

Service Hub Integration (Tickets)

Make sure that the tickets corresponding to each call remain visible in every moment.

Contact Information via Softphone

Make it even easier and view your caller’s contact details  directly on the softphone.

Automatic opening of the customer file

Don’t waste time looking for the information you need. Make it open automatically.

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