Your telephony, now in Microsoft Teams

Customers, colleagues and partners: all together in one place. Make it possible by moving your telephony to Microsoft Teams and say goodbye to your PBX!

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VoIP telephony implementation in Microsoft Teams

Join your VoIP Telephony in the cloud to call whoever you want from Microsoft Teams.

Advanced call analytics

All the information you need, in real time, so you don’t miss a single detail.

Integration of your main tools

With Astroline, you can integrate telephony into the tools you use most day by day with an API.

Microsoft Dynamics


Upgrade your equipment, inside and out

The best voice experience for your team to guarantee the best quality in your internal and external calls.

Increase your international presence from one screen  

Measure what your team is doing for a better experience  

Communicate from any device, anywhere 

Our specialty

Direct Routing Experts

We know e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g about Microsoft Teams Phone System
Direct Routing System
SBC implementation
DDI numbering ranges
Automated local carriers

Success Stories

Stories behind the voice

Xavi Ruiz Bauhaus

Xavier Ruiz

Digital Manager

Astroline has been a key player within integrating the entire telephone infrastructure of our shops with our Contact Centre, Talkdesk, allowing us to significantly improve our customer service.

Zendesk, Talkdesk
> 1000 empleados
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The Power MBA

Rafael Gozalo


Astroline has accompanied us during our growth, helping us to implement the technology that best suited the business at every stage of its development.

The Power MBA
Microsoft Teams, Global Telco
201 – 500 empleados
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Álvaro Navarro


Thanks to Astroline we were able to get more out of Microsoft Teams Phone System by integrating our team's call analytics with Power BI.

Microsoft Teams, Integration
501 – 1000 empleados
Real State
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Make your Teams come true

Get the most out of the tool you use most every day.
National and international calls

Take your business wherever you want with your voice.

Calls Queue

Run your business calls and optimize your team’s  time.


Take advantage of every opportunity, even when you can’t answer.

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