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Optimise your customer experience by integrating Talkdesk with Salesforce.
The definitive CRM integration

Your clients won’t settle for second best. Combine the power of a leading CRM with ease-of-use for your clients to achieve commercial success in every interaction.

Optimise your telephony

Talkdesk integration

CCaaS CRM unified communications integrated with Talkdesk for Salesforce

Optimise your clients’ experience by integrating Talkdesk with Salesforce.

You will achieve substantial efficiency gains, both in the sales process and in contact with clients, by integrating Salesforce, the CRM market leader, with Talkdesk to form one single work environment. We’ve got what your Helpdesk needs to take it to the next level.

Configure directly with Salesforce


Bidirectional synchronisation

Multi-device format

Intelligent routing

Omnichannel solution

Advanced real-time analytics

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Unify all your communications effectively and prepare your company for serious remote working

Talkdesk Chat
Omnichannel functionality

Brings together multiple conventional communication channels (calls, email, web forms), and also emerging channels such as social media, chat services and WhatsApp.

Talkdesk Team
Endless automation potential

Automate manual and redundant tasks to free up your agents’ time and increase productivity with preset and custom automations.

Talkdesk Informes
Comprehensive real-time or historic reporting.

Track what is happening in your Contact Centre at all times. Real-time dashboards and detailed breakdowns of your Call Centre metrics provide a wealth of information at a glance.

with support

Obsessed with providing the best in-house support 24x7.


Fully trained and qualified personnel, both technically and in customer service, guaranteeing personalized, efficient and decisive attention.


Satisfaction levels exceeding 90% according to quality surveys conducted with our customers.

Offer the best experience to your customers by integrating Talkdesk with Salesforce

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