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Enhance your customer service with Zendesk by integrating voice communications and other channels.
Take your Helpdesk to the next level.

Communicate with your clients and your team without leaving Zendesk, by integrating inbound and outbound calling from any device, wherever you are.

Optimise your telephony

Zendesk integration

Unified Helpdesk communications integrated with Zendesk

Wow your clients by integrating voice communications with Zendesk

Integrating inbound and outbound calling with Zendesk means your team will be more productive in managing daily inquiries and ensures enhanced customer service. We’ve got what your Helpdesk needs to make the next level.

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Advanced analytics

Advisory service


Multi-device format

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Integration of Communications in Helpdesk

Integrate voice communications with your Helpdesk effectively and provide outstanding, rapid and versatile customer service.

Omnichannel functionality

Brings together multiple conventional communication channels (calls, email, web forms), and also emerging channels such as social media, chat services and WhatsApp.

Multiple tools

Offers tools such as ticket view, automations and triggers, along with over 300 integrations and predesigned applications.

Comprehensive real-time or historic reporting.

Track what is happening at all times on your Helpdesk. Real-time dashboards and detailed breakdowns of your Call Centre metrics provide a wealth of information at a glance.

with support

Obsessed with providing the best in-house support 24x7.


Fully trained and qualified personnel, both technically and in customer service, guaranteeing personalized, efficient and decisive attention.


Satisfaction levels exceeding 90% according to quality surveys conducted with our customers.

Improve your customer service by integrating omnichannel toolswith Zendesk

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