Integrate your telephony in Zoho and get an all-in-one management

If you want to talk with you clients and your team, you don’t need to leave Zoho! Just implement the VoIP calls emission and reception from any device and wherever you want.

What does Astroline consist of

This is how we do

Find out what sets this solution apart.

Increase your sales

Let your potential clients hear you and automate your telephony in Zoho. That’s how your figures increase.

The customer support that your clients deserve

Your clients want to connect anytime, anywhere. Give it to them now with Zoho.

All your telephony, now in Zoho

Synchronize all your contacts, calls, notes and any phone interaction with Zoho. Finally, the communications system that you deserve.


Make the communication with your clients easier

It’s just that simple. Automate all your corporative telephony with Astroline
All your telephony, now in Zoho CRM
Call recording, routing, IVR, Click-2-call and more! Grabación de llamadas, enrutamiento, IVR, Click-2-call ¡y mucho más!
It’s time to increase your sales
Automation is the final push to make your team increase their sales.
Make it easy on your agents
Give them access to your client’s information and allow them to contact them in a single dashboard.
Data, the key of everything
Contrast them with your results. Access to your team’s reports and analytics easily.


VoIP automation, the piece that completes your CRM

Some say that perfection doesn’t exist, but they don’t know the possibilities of automating your telephony. That’s why Zoho CRM can become the perfect channel to contact your clients.
All-in-one platform
Let your sales team do everything from the same place and manage all their calls from Zoho.
Advanced reports and analytics
The secret is in data! Take the control of your tool in real-time and acces to your real-time dashboards and drill-downs, so you can get all the information at a glance.

Our specialty

CRM experts

We know e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g about Zoho

Direct Routing system

SBC Implementation

DDI numbering ranges

Automated local carriers


Do it all with Zoho

Get the most out of the tool you use most every day.
Easy integration

Automate your business telephony into your CRM in a simple softphone.

API Data

Access to all the information you need and take it wherever you want.

Contact History

Offer a better customer experience and have easy access to all their information.

Shared contacts

Work easier in your processes and give your team access to all your contacts.

Creation of CRM tasks

Get the most out of your CRM tool and create customized tasks.

Caller ID

Quickly check the customer data of your incoming calls before picking up.

Workflow automation

Create processes that optimize your team’s productivity and day-to-day operations.

Service Hub Integration (Tickets)

Make sure that the tickets corresponding to each call remain visible in every moment.

Contact Information via Softphone

Make it even easier and view your caller’s contact details  directly on the softphone.

Automatic opening of the customer file

Don’t waste time looking for the information you need. Make it open automatically.

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