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The Power MBA

Meet The Power Business School

Its reality: a very fast growth

It started as a startup, and The Power Business School is now a global business academy that has managed to revolutionize the world of education, getting use to the lives and preferences of its students.


Its goal is to train experts, with completely updated content and cases of benchmark companies that are changing the world. 


However, such a rapid growth requires the best digitalization process.


The voice has been always a vital element for the company, and from Astroline we are helping The Power Business School to make its communications better than never. Nowadays we are one of the first suppliers of the most revolutionary business school. 


Astroline has accompanied us during our process of growth, helping us to implement the technology that best adapted to each moment the business was going through.

Rafael Gozalo, CEO & Cofounder

The Power MBA

Meet The Power Business School

Its Need: an agile telecommunications service

The company is a business school that combines an online and face-to-face class. Its more than 100,000 students can study always when, where and how they want, all around the world. 


What does this mean? A seamless and agile telecommunications network… and agile.


That’s why The Power Business School was looking for a technology partner capable of providing an agile telecommunications service with international experience.


And… guess what? They found one. 😉

Meet The Power Business School

Its solution: Global Telco & Integration

The Power Business School is much more than a customer for us. We have witnessed all its progress since its inception and its constant commitment to the world of innovation and digitization.


This has force us to work with different solutions depending on the moment in which the company was, such as Contact Center software, ad-hoc integrations or Global Telco services, among others.


Currently, The Power Business School has a customized solution, which includes traffic, international numbering and integration. All this, within a telecommunications provider such as its growth.  


An all-in-one solution for a single customer, which also includes the possibility of a complete data advanced analysis of all the team activity and the voice channel operation.

The Power Business School

The support Astroline has give us in our international expansion has been really gratifying, helping us in such an unfamiliar field as international numbering and routing is to us.

Ricardo González, Head of B2C sales

The Power MBA

Meet The Power Business School

Its result: An hyper-connected team

Internationalization was a key fact of the solution we implemented for The Power Business School. 


That’s why we worked hard to offer them a full telecommunications solution that has helped them connect with more than 100,000 students in over 90 countries.


We keep on working to to ensure that results such as the above, together with their more than 100 mobile lines, work with the agility they need and contribute to their growth, which seems to have no limit


VoiceHub integrated users


mobile lines


students around the world


countries with connectivity


Why would you recommend Astroline?

Astroline has been a huge support for us since our inception. Their team is very close, and has always been at our disposal to implement the best voice solution.

Rafael Gozalo

CEO & Cofounder, The Power Business School

One of the qualities we like most about Astroline is the fact that they have truly adapted to a business model as dynamic as ours is to provide us the best possible voice service.

Ricardo González

Head of B2C Sales, The Power Business School